A new day has dawned

Your student newspaper is about to come of age

Jenny Feniak

managing editor

It is an honour, and an absolute pleasure, to introduce you to Grant MacEwan University’s new student newspaper, The Griff.

Much like MacEwan itself, the student newspaper grew up from humble beginnings as the Intercamp newsletter in the early 1990s when MacEwan was still a community college. This name reflected and united the four individual campuses that make up MacEwan. When MacEwan grew up and into the world and dropped community from its name in 1999, Intercamp was being published as a full-fledged newspaper.

MacEwan has come a long way since then, and to celebrate this evolution, we decided it was time the student newspaper followed suit.

Earlier this year, the seed of transformation was planted, and when we called out for feedback and input from our readers, you responded with a roar.

The one unanimous point was the fact the name Intercamp had to go.

Our readers gave us a great selection of possible names and when it came down to the final five, we had a terrific voter turnout.

On April 7, 2011, The Griff was born.

The name’s most obvious connection is to MacEwan Athletics’ sports teams the Griffins.

But we’re not that dutiful, and actually chose the name for far more fitting reasons. In the late 19th century, griff was used as a slang term for information or a news tip. And that’s exactly where every story you’ll read here starts.

Next September, to coincide with MacEwan’s 40th anniversary, The Griff will be standing on it’s own and at your service. After all, it is the students’ newspaper.

The weekly print edition will still arrive on campus every Thursday, but it’ll offer more columns, editorial pieces and interest features. While The Griff online will have breaking news, updates, sports scores and more.

But just because the school year’s coming to a close, doesn’t mean our time is up.

We love to hear from our readers, so keep in touch with your two cents.

Let us know what you’d love to see in The Griff, or just let us know how your summer’s going.

Email me at feniakj@macewan.ca.

See you in September!


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