Council changes

Megan Sarrazin

news editor

Towards the beginning of fall semester, on Oct. 6 and 7, 2010, students hit the polls to vote in their representatives on Students’ Council, the highest governing body of the Students’ Association at Grant MacEwan University.

Since then, many changes have taken place, with council seeing several members resign from their positions as well as numerous others being appointed as replacements.

Students’ Council has 12 positions, with eight representatives from City Centre Campus (CCC), two representatives from the Centre for the Arts and Communications (CFAC) campus and two representatives from MacEwan’s South Campus (MSC).

After votes were tallied from last year’s elections, only 11 spots were filled, appointing all 11 candidates that ran in the election.

A disappointing voter turnout capped out at about seven per cent, with about 800 of the eligible 11,800 students casting a ballot.

The 11 councillors voted in on council are no longer the 11 candidates representing the student body.

Six of the elected candidates have since resigned from their positions, with council appointing their replacements throughout the year.

Yet, even some of the replaced coucillors have resigned from their seats.

One more resignation is scheduled to take place on May 1, as Councillor Kassie Russell (appointed to fill Kinni Sandhar’s position at CCC) will move to her position on executive council, where she will serve as vice-president operations and finance. Max Yuan has been appointed to take Russell’s spot.

Although only eleven members were originally elected to Students’ Council, it has seen 18 candidates take seats throughout the year.


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