Prevention is priority

Security Services busy nabbing criminals on campus

Tisha Raj


Passing by security personnel, one can’t help but notice the static noise coming from their walkie-talkies.

Often seen patrolling campus grounds in pairs, Grant MacEwan University Security Services is committed to sustaining a safe campus environment and improving the quality of life for students, faculty, staff and community members at all four campuses.

The recent spike in criminal activity around campus has put Security Services on high alert, making members even more determined to solve the recent thefts from vehicles in the west parkade, the break-ins of lockers at the Robbins Health Learning Centre and break-ins of offices.


Hot wheels

There was a total of 10 thefts from vehicles reported before the last week of March.

“Three of the thefts we managed to isolate with videos”, said Raymond Williams, supervisor of Security Services.

MacEwan campuses are currently equipped with a total of 164 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras spread over the four campuses.

Security Services was able to confront the perpetrator identified in the video last week. The man did not deny his involvement after seeing the footage.

“With that, we got a hold of our liaison with Edmonton City Police and, of course, with the pictures and a positive identification we (were) able to build a solid case against this person with three charges,” said Williams.

Security Services works closely with the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) to prosecute criminals on a regular basis.



The Robbins Health Learning Centre is no stranger to locker thefts.

Two laptops went missing from the building, with another laptop missing from the Centre for the Arts and Communications (CFAC) campus.

All three thefts are linked to one person familiar to the area.

Security personnel have managed to identify this man and with the help of EPS, determined that there are six files pending against this man.

Trespassers will be prosecuted

In December and January, there have been two break-ins. One took place at MacEwan’s Alberta College Campus and the other one right here at the City Centre Campus.

With the help of CCTV technology, Williams said they managed to isolate the perpetrator, who happens to be known to EPS.

A file has been put together and EPS is working on taking action soon on behalf of Security Services.


Cash and carry

“There have been three occasions where a man had entered offices in building five and took cash,” said Williams.

This person has since been identified and is believed to be linked to five other cases.

This person was confronted, but escaped.

“We’re one hundred per cent sure that he hasn’t been back since then,” said Williams.

The EPS is on high alert for this criminal because it is believed that he might be involved in other crime sprees in the downtown core.

“All in all we had a pretty good roundup of events and we’re pretty happy,” said Williams. “We have been working with the Edmonton Police Services on a regular basis since the latter part of fall and up to March.”

Williams credits the staff and students with the success the Security Services has been having.

“People were paying attention. We’ve had staff, students and faculty that actually said ‘Hey! There’s a guy here and he’s kind of strange. What’s he doing’,” said Williams.

On March 26, a man was reported causing damage to the vending machines on campus.

“We responded to a call of a ‘suspicious person’, and we were able to locate him and he ended up being arrested,” said Williams.

The man, known to EPS, was later charged with two counts and removed from the property.

Williams is proud of the work his officers have been doing and appreciates that everyone is getting more involved in crime prevention.

Security Services can be reached at 780-497-5554 for general inquiries, or for emergencies at 780-497-5555.


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