Studying at all hours

Eric Silver


As the school year comes to an end, students are scrambling to put finishing touches on projects and do last-minute cramming before finals, with a lot of this activity happening during all hours of the night.

Noticing this activity, Grant MacEwan University is stepping up its game to provide students a place to complete their studying and homework on campus.

Beginning April 11, the west wing of the Robbins Health Learning Centre, known as the Bow, will become a 24-hour study space.

David Drohan, the incoming Students’ Association vice president academic (VPA), thinks 24-hour study spaces are useful for students.

“They allow students to escape from home if home isn’t a conducive environment for studying,” said Drohan. “Basically, they allow you to be at school working right up to your exam or until your paper is due,” added Drohan.

The current VPA, John-Paul Hermano, pushed for a 24-hour study area on the belief that these areas provide students with a distraction-free place to access the school’s resources and work in groups.

“We’ve always realized the need for it, but it’s only since we’ve become a university that the school has begun to prioritize it,” said Hermano.

Hermano is grateful that Drohan will pursue this endeavour when he takes office on May 1. Drohan aspires to implement a permanent 24-hour space that students can access year round.

“It needs to be someplace securable and accessible with all the necessary facilities that can meet the needs of students who want to use it,” said Drohan. “The Bow has a lot of things going for it, but we’re still discussing the permanent location of such a study space.”

There’s a strong need for a dedicated study space for MacEwan students. As Drohan pointed out, students’ dedication to education is not limited to the daytime hours.

“Students are accessing the myMacEwan portal all throughout the night. There are always people online. They’re either getting up early, staying up late or pulling all-nighters,” said Drohan.

The 24-hour study space has become a priority for Drohan and he is dedicated to pursuing the venture started by Hermano and the VPAs before him.

“I think it’s a great initiative and I’m very grateful to the previous VPAs for their contribution to this project. I plan to continue moving it forward,” said Drohan.

Having a place where students can go during the night is a necessity, as many students don’t think they should have to go to other universities’ campuses to study.

“I think it’s a very good idea. I use them all the time,” said Aaron Pattison, University of Alberta student.

Reactions to the idea of a 24-hour study space are generally positive around MacEwan as well.

Shellie Dowhan, a second-year nursing student guarantees many of her classmates will use it.

“A lot of people have distractions at home, so it’s a great idea for them,” said Dowhan.

Brad Welk and Sean Poitras, both commerce students, feel that having a space to study all night where they won’t be distracted would make a huge difference.

A 24-hour study space on campus can minimize distractions ensuring students study and work hard.

MacEwan’s 24-hour study space runs from April 11 to 21. There is no word yet on when a permanent space will open up on campus.


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