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Tupelo Honey — Caught Up In The Excess

Tupelo Honey’s first full-length album, Caught Up In The Excess, is a well-polished album perfectly balanced with strong ballads and guitar-based rock songs, in addition to seven acoustic versions of some of the band’s best songs. Continue reading


The Almost — Monster Monster EP

The Almost is a band that emerged under the wings of Underoath founding member Aaron Gillespie. On previous releases, he had created and recorded all of the songs. Continue reading

Keith Urban — Get Closer

Keith Urban is one of the most popular singers on the country music scene these days and his current CD, Get Closer, is a really good example of why that’s the case. Continue reading

Dinosaur Bones — My Divider

I’m a sucker for a great Canadian band. One, because I love great music and two, because I just think Canadians are better. Continue reading

The Dreadnoughts — Polka’s Not Dead

Vancouver’s Dreadnoughts are back with its third album, Polka’s Not Dead. What is interesting about The Dreadnoughts is it actually do play polka-influenced punk rock. Continue reading

Weezer — Pinkerton

Pinkerton is a double-edged sword. It is an album that killed a band’s career and then slowly revived it. The story is legendary. Continue reading

Scythia — . . . of War

Scythia is the musical equivalent of dissociative identity disorder. One minute there is lush instrumentation, showcasing the band members technical prowess, the next minute there is a wild solo and some Maiden-style chugging. Continue reading