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Hello sun

Jayme Hagen

features editor

Hello sun! We’ve missed you. Summer is almost upon us after a brutally long winter and, once again, we are actually able to participate in activities outside. Continue reading


Give your karma a boost

Get active in community, build resume with volunteering

Lizzy Walters


Congratulations students, just a few more weeks! Are you looking forward to a summer filled with drinking booze, beach days and homework-free nights? Continue reading

Art around town

Festival City has a variety of artistic opportunities to keep the creativity alive

Danika McDonald

arts editor

There’s more to developing your skills in the arts than simply sitting in your drafty basement stumbling through guitar tabs.

Practicing your craft alone does build technique, but during the summer when you’re itching for entertainment, it’s hard to sit at home and sketch. Continue reading

Expanding your education

Megan Sarrazin

news editor

Although the summer break allows students to escape from the education-related stress associated with exams, assignments and making the grade, many students long for meaningful experience. Continue reading

Swing, swoosh, slide

Get active this summer by participating in and attending various sports events

Kevin Penny


Spring has begun to melt away the cold winter, and with it, has brought a whole new season of sports to follow. Continue reading

Let the festivities begin

’Tis the season to get stoked for summer music festivals

Brad Hudson and Sean da Silva


It’s that time of year again when kids bust out of class and are eager to hit the festival circuit.

Although we can’t offer any assistance on luring that hottie into your R.V. or how to avoid that nasty sunburn, Intercamp has you covered with a handy guide to what’s happening in and around Edmonton this festival season. Continue reading

Blogger dishes on design

Dress Me Dearly’s Janis Galloway gushes on Western Canada Fashion Week

Pamela Di Pinto


Janis Galloway laughs as she thinks back to a younger self who — when left to her own devices — would change her outfit at least five times a day, often sending her mother in a huff as she paraded around the house in her best clothing. Continue reading