Out of ordinary resignations

High number of councillors calling it quits in 2010-11 academic year

Danika McDonald

arts editor

This year, a total of six councillors have resigned from their positions on Students’ Council — a large number and one that Nils Holmgren, Students’ Association (SA) President has a hard time speaking to. Continue reading


System gets upgrade

Student portal gets makeover to be more student-friendly

Tisha Raj


On April 4, a new software system called Campus Solutions (PeopleSoft) was launched. Project Phoenix is the brainchild of various individuals from Grant MacEwan University who worked together on the 22-month project implementing a new student information, human resources and financial system. Continue reading

Celebrating art

Nicole Nytchay


Grant MacEwan University’s Students’ Association (SA) has been nominated for the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Sustained Support of the Arts award for its ongoing commitment to supporting the arts in Edmonton. Continue reading

Excessive coverage

Mathew J. White


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you have no doubt heard about the ongoing murder trial of Mark Twitchell, the man accused of killing Johnny Altinger. Continue reading

Majority matters

Realpolitiks with . . .

Kevin Penny

Our government continues to be elected through an unfair advantage without a proportional representation voting system. Continue reading

Public isn’t always socialist

United States House of Representatives bill wants National Public Radio to sell out

Dough Johnson


Sooner or later the U.S. is going to have to realize that the word “public” doesn’t always mean “socialist.” Continue reading

Say no to NATO

Involvement in Libya a tad sketchy

Logan Robicheau


NATO’s involvement in Libya is becoming a touchy subject. Continue reading